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As the leading event management company in Singapore, RAVE Productions has the capability and capacity to plan and organise successful, thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining events.


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Rave | Events Management Company

As the leading event management company in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS has the capability and capacity to plan and organize a successful, thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining event.

Rave specializes in:

  • Creative Dinner & Dances
  • Grand Prix Events
  • Family Day Events
  • Roadshows
  • Racing Simulator
  • Product Launches
  • Official Opening
  • Shopping Mall Promotions
  • Exhibition Design
  • Town Days
  • Foam Parties
  • Sea Sports Events
  • Theme Parties
  • Car Launches
  • Carnivals

Event Management Company | Concept

In the area of Concept, with the creative know-how, RAVE PRODUCTIONS is able to imaginatively conceptualise and organise a unique and entertaining party idea, promotional gimmick, product launch exhibition, road show, family day event or gala and effectively transform it into a successful event.

Party Planner

With a wealth of experience as a party planner in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS efficiently plans, organises and co-ordinates an event to ensure its success. From details such as location and venue to food and beverage to staging and decor to entertainment and its presentation, we can either take complete charge or assist in the organisation.

Event Organizer & Producer

As a successful event organizer in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS has the experience and technical expertise to produce a successful event, regardless of the magnitude. In areas of design, installation of equipment and actual operations, we have the ability to co-ordinate and operate Sound / Lighting / Laser / Video (A/V or Video wall) and Computer Generated Images (CGI) through our close association with the experts and professionals in the field.

Party Planner | Celebrity Emcees & Professinoal DiskJockeys

Besides a team of ultra-talented in-house showhosts and Master of Ceremonies, being a premier party and event planner in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS has among its ranks, close ties with some of the more popular Stage Personalities in Singapore. These celebrities have appeared on Television and Radio as well as at numerous shows, events, contests and concerts. Their abilities range from formal presentations to fun and games to product launches and to Commercial and Radio / TV style announcing.

We also boast of having talented in-house Disc-jockeys whose performance and capabilities are evident at popular Discos and at National Events (eg. Swing Singapore, Tiger 5’s, Sentosa Sandsation, Foam Parties etc).

Entertainment Company | Acts & Artistes

As a leading entertainment company in Singapore, RAVE PRODUCTIONS, through its contacts with Artistes, Acts, Bands and Agencies has, at its disposal the ability to contract, co-ordinate and package shows and entertainment. The list runs the gamut from dancers to models to choreographers to magicians and other novelty acts to singers to bands to cultural shows to string quartets to comedians to drama troupes and even to international big names. The list is endless and RAVE PRODUCTIONS even produces the entertainment to ensure audiences’ total enjoyment.

Theme Party Planner | Décor

As a premier theme party planner in Singapore, through its closed association with experts and professionals in the field, RAVE PRODUCTIONS is able to transform venues into Theme Party arenas. From concept stage to the design of invitation cards to decoration of the venue and finally to staging of the entire event. Our artists and props personnel have the vision and the ability to successfully create an entertaining and enjoyable Theme Party. Themes vary from the Polynesian to the streets of Hollywood from the Roaring Twenties right up to the year 2000 and beyond.

Theme Parties

  • Arabian Night
  • Back to School
  • Back to the 50’s / 60’s /70’s
  • Bollywood Nite
  • Bugis Street
  • Casino Night
  • Celebration Fiesta
  • Chinatown
  • FAME Awards (Staff Participation)
  • Fantasy Cruise
  • Flight of Fantasy
  • Fright Night
  • Greased’ Lightnin’
  • Hawaiian
  • Hollywood Extravaganza
  • James Bond (Spy vs Spy)
  • Jungle
  • Kampong Days (Balik Kampong)
  • Kiasu Night
  • Lost City
  • Madhatter’s Night
  • Mardi Gras Festival
  • Mafia Night
  • Masquerade Party
  • Mission Impossible
  • Night at the Movies
  • Olympics
  • Oriental
  • Polynesian Getaway
  • Roman Empire
  • Roman Night
  • Rock n’ Roll Revival
  • Samba Samba
  • Super Heroes
  • Shanghai Surprise
  • Titanic

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